Friday, August 6, 2010

Thrifty Fabric

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I really love fabric. I mean really, really love it. But it can set you back a few bucks if you aren't careful. To keep my love of fabric from sending me into bankruptcy, I do a few thrifty things.

  • Don't pay full price for fabric unless it is a necessity (sometimes a really awesome print = necessity!)
  • Use coupons. Several fabric chain stores (such as Jo Ann's) have weekly coupons, for up to 60% off a cut of fabric.
  • Shop clearance. Try to stroll through the clearance section at the fabric store every time you go. And keep an open mind, just because you're shopping for fleece doesn't mean that the 75% off sheer fabric wouldn't be perfect for curtains.
  • Shop thrift stores. I have found some great vintage prints at my local Salvation Army. I also keep a look out for sheets, curtains, and dresses that have prints I like.
  • Utilize what you already have. Look through your fabric stash before buying something. You might have something you forgot about that would work perfectly for what you need.


  • Re-purpose. This kimono dress was made from a halter dress that wasn't working for me. It now has a new life as an outfit for my one year old, Wren. Old curtains, dresses, shower curtains, blankets, etc. all can find a new use with a little creativity.
  • Share. Just because you don't like that yellow polka dot fabric anymore, doesn't mean that someone else couldn't use it. Check with your crafty friends, family, and neighbors to see if you can do a fabric swap.
  • And finally, always be on the look out. I can easily get tunnel vision when I'm working on a really inspiring project, but I try to keep my eye out for thrifty fabrics that be of use later. If you see something that inspires you or maybe just something that is on sale for a wildly low price, pick it up. Just be sure use at some point.

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