Saturday, August 7, 2010

Easy Mirror Update

Another quick and simple project involving spray paint. This first mirror came from an auction. My lovely friend Cathie bid on it while I wasn't paying attention and then found out I had had my eye on it and gave it to me. She's my most favorite auction buddy. The frame is made from a plastic material and was originally 1970's gold (can you dig it?). The mirror itself had a few latches on the back that allowed it to come right out from the frame. With about 15 minutes and couple of coats of Krylon Outdoor Earth spray paint, I put the mirror back in the from and it was beautiful. It eventually found a perfect spot in my hallway.

This mirror came from a garage sale. It was originally a dark brown wood with some water damage on the bottom. This mirror had latches too, so it took just a few seconds to take it off the frame. And after a few coats of Krylon Rich Plum, viola, a cute little girly mirror for Wren. (the wall stickers were $1 at Dollar General Store).

Each mirror cost less than $10 total. I really love both of them. They have character and like all mirrors, they instantly brighten up a room. Very nifty, and oh, so thrifty!

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