Monday, August 23, 2010

Chalkboard Fun for Non-Committal Types

When we were re-doing the Maya's room, I wanted so badly to turn her tall closet doors into usable chalkboard space. But we didn't want to ruin the beautiful natural woodwork; which was stripped years ago by Adam's grandmother (with a blowtorch, I must mention!). So with a little internet research we came up with this!

I found chalkboard contact paper online. I tried a couple different brands with poor results (it all fell down within a day or two). I finally used Contact Brand and it has been holding up beautifully for a few years now. It cost around $12 a roll and it took about 3 rolls to finish both sets of doors (with some left over for future use). Maya loves to draw on them and leaves messages for Wren in her room. And when they are older and want a change it will be a piece of cake to tear it all down!

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