Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Recycled Skirt Dress

In the 30 minutes after breakfast this morning I made this little dress for Maya. I was inspired by this post from to turn a mom sized skirt into a new dress for my little one.

I picked this skirt up from a second hand store a while back for less than a dollar. I kept coming across it in my fabric stash and thinking, "Oh, it would so easy to turn this into a dress". But I wasn't quite sure how I wanted to do it until I read the post at Soulemama.

I started out by sewing the pockets closed and then cutting them out completely. Then I used a seam ripper to take the side ties off.

The waist of the skirt had a bit of stretched out elastic in it already, so I left that in place and used it as a guide for my top casing. I folded the elastic towards the inside of the skirt, creating a casing for my new elastic. I stitched around, leaving about a 2 inch opening to insert the elastic through. Then I used Maya as a model to measure the elastic around her chest (about level with her armpits). I cut about 2-3 inches off the elastic so it would be tight enough to hold the dress up.

I put a large safety pin through one end of the elastic and fed it through the opening in the casing. When it was all the way through, I overlapped the ends and stitched them together. I then sewed the opening in the casing closed, enclosing the elastic.

For the straps, I used the ties that had originally been on the skirt. I had Maya try on the dress and decided where I wanted to place the straps and how long they needed to be. I stitched the straps on the inside of the dress, sewing over the casing seam and criss-crossing them in the back.

All of this took less than 30 minutes and the total cost of the project, less than $1! Not to mention this skirt was saved from a possible life at the dump, thrifty and green!


  1. you wouldn't even know that it used to be an adult skirt. Well done.

  2. That came out really cute, and green looks beautiful on your daughter! I saw that post by SouleMama also and loved the idea, can't wait until my little girl is big enough :)