Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bowling Ball Garden Art

This little project was inspired by my mother. A few years ago, she covered a bowling ball with shiny pennies gave it a home in the garden where it adds a little glam. I started out making this as a gift for a friend, but after I figured out how hard it was to get everything looking perfect, I decided this one could be practice. This entire project took my about 2 hours to complete (plus drying time). I used premix adhesive grout to make things a little simpler.
I discovered that I am not an expert with grout, by any means. I've watched Adam put up tile before and thought it looked like a piece of cake. But after trying to stick little stones on a round surface, I have gained more respect for his skill. I also ran out of stones half way through and had to go buy a couple more bags, which ended up being a little different in color. But oh well, like I said, this is my practice ball.

I left the bottom clear that that it could easily sit in a stand (which I still need to go buy). If you look closely, you can see where a few of the marbles fell off. So, for the next, non-practice ball, no marbles and have lots of extra stones. Oh well, even though this little project wasn't a complete success, it still looks pretty tucked in among my hydrangeas!

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