Saturday, August 7, 2010

Place Mat Wall Art


Here is another one of my favorite projects. I love that it is so thrifty and simple. I found the idea for this in a Better Homes and Gardens DIY magazine. I had the place mats lying around but it was about two years before I finally found the right spot in my house to hang them .


When I did finally put everything together it took my maybe 5 minutes. I used 3/4" binder rings, which I bought for about 25 cents a piece at a local print shop. To make the holes for the rings I used an antique leather punch, but you could probably find something around the house that would work. I measured in a few inches on each side and punched a hole, connected the mats with the binder rings, and voila instant thrifty wall deco.


I loved this project so much that I did it again in my daughter's room.

All in all, this entire project cost less than $15.00! I paid around $2.00 a piece for place mats and about $2.00 total for the rings. Oh, so thrifty!

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