Thursday, September 2, 2010

Do we really need more chairs? Yes, always.

This sad little director's chair was a yard sale find. It had been loved to pieces and was ready for a new little one to drag it around,but first it needed a little work. I took a "before" picture, but somehow I managed to delete it. The original was missing the back and the seat was worn and stained.

I took it all apart so that the few loose spots could be glued. Without a back to use as a pattern, I had to measure and create something new (not to difficult with such a simple design, although I did have to re-do the first attempt). I used the existing seat for a pattern and with about 15 minutes of cutting a sewing and putting everything back together, I was done!

It is the perfect size for Wren and she loves it. I don't think it will have a "spot" anywhere in the house, but instead will be towed around from room to room. I can't decide whether or not the frame should be spray painted or left as is. Any thoughts? I was thinking maybe a dark pink to match the pink polka dots or possibly a soft green. The rustic look it has now isn't all that bad either....

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