Thursday, September 23, 2010

Leggings for My Little Fashionista

I haven't been a very good blogger lately. All this wedding planning is consuming a lot of my free time. I have been waiting for a project to come along that not only inspired me, but also didn't take up too much time.

I love to upcycle clothes into a new something usable. It is not only thrifty but it gives you a chance to channel your creativity and make something one of a kind. Not to mention, it usually takes far less time than making something from scratch.

I found this post the other day and loved the idea of turning adult knee high socks into girls leggings. In the original post they turned a pair of socks into leggings for a little girl and also made a smaller version for her doll. That was my original plan as well, but Maya had her own inspiration going on.
I found knee socks on clearance at Target yesterday ($1.40 a pair). I cut each sock just about the heal to make the leggings. And then cut the bottom part of the sock above the toe and below the heal to make the doll legging. Then, following Sand to Pearl's directions, I simply sewed a tight zigzag stitch around the raw edges of each leggings, creating a ruffle (no need to make a hem). Each pair took me less than 5 minutes.

Maya turned the doll leggings into some elbow pad/arm warmer thing, which looked pretty cute.

Then they turned into some kind of cute ankle warmers for Wren.

And then with some true fashion genius, Maya turned her leggings into faux long sleeves to winterize her short sleeve shirts. Smart kid. She has recently informed us that she is going to design Barbies when she grows up. I could see that happening.


  1. That Maya sure is one smart cookie! Hmm I think I NEED to go to Target. I'm sure there's something on a list somewhere that I have to pick up and I guess I could look for socks while I'm there.

  2. She is DEFinitely a fashionista!! I can't wait to see what she designs!