Friday, November 5, 2010

DIY Ring Pillow

With only 3 weeks left until the wedding, I am suddenly getting my butt in gear. Procrastination is no longer an option. I've delegated some tasks and started in on my last few hand made projects. Last night I finished up our ring pillow.

I wanted the pillow to have a handmade heirloom look to it. Something we would hold on to forever as a memento. I feel that way about a lot of the things I make around here. I value things from my family's history so much. I especially love things that were made by someone and passed down through generations. It's like you have a little piece of that person to hold on to forever.

As far as the construction of this little pretty went, it was fairly simple. The most time consuming part was the embroidered "H" in the center. I hand embroidered it over a few nights while watching television. It sat around for a few weeks after that while I decided exactly how I wanted to use it. The white and tan fabrics are both pieces that are cut from old linen clothing. In fact most of this pillow is made from re-purposed pieces.I ironed the edges of the white fabric down and pinned it to the tan fabric (which measured 12" x 24 " but is folded over in the picture). I used a simple stitch on my sewing machine to applique (which really just means sew one piece of fabric on to another) the white on to the tan. Then I folded the the fabric over so that the right sides were facing each other and sewed around the outside edges to create a pillow, which I then stuffed and hand stitched closed.

The finishing touches were the applique heart, cut from scraps and hand stitched on the finished pillow. And the ribbon (which was salvaged from a piece of clothing), which was also hand stitched on. The rings on the pillow are stand ins for the real things. All in all, this pillow really didn't cost me a dime, I had all the supplies on hand. Now it will wait a few more weeks before it is carried down the aisle by possibly the cutest ring bearer in history.


  1. Yup. Cutest ring bearer ever sounds about right. :)

  2. Very cute! That will be a treasure for years!!

    Found you through Tea Rose Home.